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Airline retailing.
Simplified. Accelerated. Enabled.

Every airline is trying to become more customer-centric, more agile and more profitable. InteRES works hand-in-hand with airlines to develop full e-commerce retail capability – simply, quickly and pragmatically.

Our Airline Retail Engine is an integrated offer and order management system that is built from scratch to take full advantage of NDC and ONE Order, IATA’s new retailing procedures. Yet it also works seamlessly with your existing distribution systems, and can be piloted in parallel.

As the advantages of the retail approach become clear, InteRES can also recommend experienced consultants to assist in simplifying your internal workflows.

Airline Retail Engine

Our Airline Retail Engine enables you to take control of your own marketing.   From day one, you own all data on customer searches, offers and bookings, complete with a ‘data cockpit’ overview. You can add or drop products instantly, and promote unsold seats and new destinations in minutes.

Enjoy your own NDC interface with a streamlined two-step shopping and booking process that makes adding new channels simple. The design is based on our 20 years of experience with airline booking and pricing engines.

Coaching and low-risk pilot

The transition to airline retailing means much more than installing new software. That’s why InteRES coaches airlines in mapping out a transition plan to retail. We can also help review an existing strategy.

At this stage, we recommend a low-risk pilot of our Airline Retail Engine in one specific area or on one route to fully understand its potential – as well as the technical, commercial and legal implications of moving to the new system. Our software is fully integrated with your PSS, which runs in parallel. We provide you with 360° support during the implementation.

Piecing it all together

Our Airline Retail Engine is one important piece in your customer-centric puzzle. But you may also need other pieces to handle dynamic pricing, payments, involuntary changes, or a B2C front end. Each of these requires a unique expertise.

InteRES can draw on a wide network of partners, large and small, to assist your full transition to airline retailing. We‘ll identify suitable providers and accompany you in coordinating the entire transformation, step-by-step. Build a best-of-breed system from the very best suppliers.

Book a live demo today.

See how the Airline Retail Engine works for yourself. At your own office or online. In just a few minutes, you’ll see results you thought would take months or years, with all the potential of NDC and ONE Order brought to life.

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