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Food for thought on simplifying air travel distribution

Lufthansa Systems and InteRES introduce state-of-the-art airline retailing based on true dynamic pricing.

by Dr. Peter Schöber (Lufthansa Systems) and Alexander v. Bernstorff (InteRES) A key component of the vision of airline retailing (aka NDC and ONE Order) is the ability for an airline to fully control its offer. In contrast, the traditional distribution model requires third party intermediaries. Airlines seeking to catch…

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Transition to NDC and retail innovation: Conztanz and InteRES team up to manage it quickly and without friction

by Hélène Millet (Conztanz) & Alexander v. Bernstorff (InteRES) The airline industry sees consumer-oriented retailing capabilities as the way to go. The vision is clear. Outdated tools and procedures are to be modernised or eliminated step by step. But existing traditional channels and their underlying technology and processes will remain…

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Unleash the Power of NDC Payment

by Alexander v. Bernstorff (InteRES) & Urs Kipfers (Datatrans) The distribution perspective The InteRES Retail Engine, which radically simplifies offer- and order-management for airlines, can already handle secure credit card authorisation (payment/settlement to follow soon), utilising NDC 17.2 messages. The first advantage is to take the full stack out of…

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by Alexander v. Bernstorff Our industry is complex. Operating a fleet of aircraft safely and timely across a global network of routes is a challenge in its own. Getting over a myriad of hurdles like regulation, volatility everywhere, a rising number of airline business models, the risk of fixed assets…

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Some strategic thinking

by Alexander v. Bernstorff Something I worked on in Lufthansa’s corporate strategy department in 2015 is an eerie scenario: Any digital mega-player calls your airline and offers to literally absorb your offered seats for the next year or two on a part of your network, or entirely. Because this company…

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