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InteRES first to be certified Level 3 for NDC 17.2

by Alexander v. Bernstorff

InteRES first to be certified Level 3 for NDC 17.2

Our InteRES Retail Engine, which radically simplifies offer- and order-management for airlines, is now the first software solution to be certified for version 17.2 of IATA’s NDC schema, just 14 days after its release by PADIS.

Our integrated offer- and order-management system uses NDC and ONE Order messaging only. Version 17.2 enables the InteRES Retail Engine to offer significantly improved functionality and workflow in ways that were not available in previous NDC versions.  The cleaner code also means that our airline customers can get tailored changes and enhancements much more quickly.

Although NDC 17.2 still has some shortcomings, we’re confident that that by version 18.2, IATA will have a superb schema for shopping and order management; one that will allow airlines to move their entire product offering into a pure NDC Retail Engine, and to use their NDC API for all existing and future distribution channels, both direct and indirect.

The Retail Engine

We believe in the core vision of NDC, or replacing traditional offer management with a rigorous product engineering approach inspired by other industries, particularly retail. That’s why we chose to build our Retail Engine from scratch, as opposed to adding an NDC layer on top of our existing ATPCO-based booking- and pricing engines. The latter has been highly successful with Swiss International Air Lines for a long time, but the newest wave of low-cost carriers all put a single-minded focus on reducing complexity – for both the airline and for the consumer.  Our Retail Engine frees up airlines to design and distribute their products and services in a completely simple, user-friendly way.  Its underlying business logic allows airlines to easily and precisely define what they want to offer, when, where and to whom.

ONE Order

Why not take the second step together with the first step? With our current end-to-end NDC & ONE Order pilot, we are working with our airline partner on a ticketless and even PNR-less scenario, based on the Amadeus Altéa PSS and feeding NIIT’s revenue accounting system. The enormous potential of ONE Order can be evaluated right from the beginning when installing our Retail Engine.


Try it out! Our NDC 17.2 sandbox is now available. Potential API consumers can register and see how easy it is to customise workflows, structure new offers and display products with rich content, all based on NDC 17.2 messaging.

Talk to us

Visit our booth #16 at IATA’s upcoming World Passenger Symposium: we’re keen to discuss all aspects of airline distribution and give you a (live!) demonstration of  the state-of-the-art capabilities of our Retail Engine, including shopping, secure NDC in-funnel payment, order management and of course the ONE Order setup.

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