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InteRES Retail Engine is first software certified for NDC 17.2 Level

The InteRES Retail Engine, a new fast, flexible and simplified offer and order management solution for airlines, is the first software to be certified for version 17.2 of IATA’s NDC schema, the future industry standard for flight-related retailing.

Darmstadt, Germany – October 2017

With version 17.2, NDC messaging now covers all flight purchase processes from end-to-end, starting with the customer’s first search for flights and additional services such as excess baggage, on to booking and payment, as well as re-booking, additions, cancellations and full or partial refunds.

Airlines that use the InteRES Retail Engine – a solution that’s built purely on NDC – can already fully exploit this wider range of functionalities just 14 days after the new version’s release, because InteRES is the first company to be certified for NDC version 17.2 to Level 3.  This makes integrating the InteRES Retail Engine’s NDC API into booking applications both easy and future-proof.

Providing unrivalled simplicity and flexibility, the InteRES Retail Engine also supports an airline’s transformation into a true retailer. It enables a step-by-step changeover from conventional flight service distribution methods to modern ones that meet quickly-changing customer demands. It can also act to push forward the digitalization of processes within an airline.

InteRES will be present at the IATA World Passenger Symposium (booth #16), and welcomes conversations on the future of airline retailing, its products, and IATA One Order pilot projects.

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