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l’tur now books Lufthansa Group tickets directly

With a connection via the Mercado Server from InteRES, the tour operator saves on operating costs and enjoys better prices and availability.

Darmstadt, Germany – August 2018

l‘tur has become the latest tour operator customer to connect directly with the Lufthansa Group’s NDC API using the Mercado Server from InteRES. With this link, the tour operator not only saves on operating costs, but since the beginning of April also enjoys access to the Lufthansa Group’s NDC Smart Offer, which is made available only through this direct sales channel.

InteRES has many years of experience in making the direct connect/NDC API from Lufthansa Group available to customers. In 2015, Thomas Cook became the first tour operator customer to book Lufthansa Group flight offers directly via the Mercado Server, which pulls flight content from a variety of sources including Farelogix and bundles it all together for the travel retailer in one single interface. TUI Deutschland has also been connected directly to Lufthansa’s NDC API via the Mercado Server since 2017. InteRES has been a member of the Lufthansa Group NDC Partner Program since its very beginning.

Volker Herrmann, Managing Director of InteRES says: “Through its NDC Partner Program, Lufthansa is putting clear emphasis on the shift to modern airline retailing business models; ones that have a range of advantages for the customer. These include access to the best available prices as well as a range of additional services – the NDC Smart Offer. As an innovative IT partner, InteRES is happy to provide our customers with full access to these offers.”

Anke Hsu, Customer Experience Officer adds: “NDC offers advantages for both airlines and their sales partners, whether they are tour operators or travel agents. This close collaboration enables everyoneto improve their sales by providing common customers with differentiated content and individualized products…”

In the coming months, several more direct connections with airlines will be added. InteRES customers will thus be able to source their complete flight content from the Mercado Server, drawing from a wide variety of providers ranging from NDC API to Direct Connect and GDS. With this, InteRES customers are well prepared for an increasingly NDC-oriented world.

Photo: It’s smiles all around thanks to the attractive fares from the Lufthansa Group that l’tur can now access through the NDC API, thanks to InteRES: Thorsten Kühne, Unit Manager Flight Purchasing; Rick Weber, CIO of l‘tur; Volker Herrmann, Managing Director of InteRES, and Anke Hsu, Customer Experience Officer at InteRES.

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