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More flight content via a single interface

TraSo saves time and effort while offering additional functions thanks to its cooperation with InteRES

Darmstadt / Leipzig,  April 2018

InteRES now offers an airline booking engine for dynamic packaging within the xRes system at TraSo GmbH. This enables flights from a variety of GDS and Direct Connects to be booked online. To make this happen, TraSo is using the Mercado Server, which bundles flight content from multiple sources and makes it all available via a single interface. At the same time, InteRES will also deliver expanded flight content, widening TraSo’s product offer.

This move also considerably reduces integration expenses for TraSo, because adaptations to fit the constantly-changing interfaces for each airline are all handled by InteRES.  In addition, the Darmstadt-based software firm provides additional functions including the search for and booking of ancillaries.

Haiko Gerdes, Managing Director of TraSo GmbH says: “We were able to integrate the Mercado Server quickly and easily. Now we can access additional Lufthansa flight content from Farelogix, Sun Express and Condor.  And we can do all of this with a single interface. This way, TraSo offers our clients the best possible selection of flights from a wide range of airline distribution channels. This really sets us up well to handle future developments in the air travel sector.”

Volker Herrmann, Managing Director of InteRES adds: “We’re making flight content available for our customers in a way that’s tailored to their desired functions, and drawn from a variety of sources, whether via GDS, Direct Connect or NDC Connect.  We’re gratified that we’re able to win over new customers with this strategy. And they’re now armed much better for the coming changes in this dynamic industry.”

The first TraSo customer to profit from the expanded flight content and new functionalities is LMX Touristik GmbH.

 Photo: Haiko Gerdes, Managing Director of TraSo GmbH (left) is pleased with the new collaboration with InteRES GmbH and its Managing Director Volker Herrmann. TraSo can now offer its customers expanded flight content as well as the booking of ancillaries.

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