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TraSo customers can now book Lufthansa Group Airlines tickets directly

Customers of the IT specialist TraSo can now book all exclusive NDC API offers from Lufthansa Group Airlines directly thanks to the Mercado server from InteRES.

Darmstadt/Leipzig,  2019/01/23

The travel IT specialist TraSo GmbH has become the latest customer of the Darmstadt-based software provider InteRES to enjoy direct access to all NDC API flight content offered by Lufthansa Group Airlines. TraSo makes use of the Mercado Server interface, which bundles all flight content from a range of sources including GDS, Direct Connect and NDC APIs.

This means that tour operators using the xRes system can now access the full NDC Smart Offer as well as the Economy Light and Business Saver fares from Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS, which have not been available via GDS since October 9th of last year.

InteRES has been offering the NDC API for Lufthansa Group Airlines flights since 2015, when Thomas Cook became the first tour operator to take advantage of booking Lufthansa Group Airlines tickets directly via the Mercado Server interface. TUI followed in 2017, and most recently the tour operator l’tur came on board in the summer of 2018.

The Leipzig-based software company TraSo is now benefiting from their experience. InteRES and TraSo have been collaborating closely since the start of 2018 to make airline flight content sourced via NDC, Direct Connect and GDS available to tour operators who package their content dynamically. The two companies launched this joint project at the fvw Travel Expo in mid-September 2018.

Haiko Gerdes, CEO of TraSo GmbH says, “thanks to this new connection with the Lufthansa Group Airlines NDC API, our customers now have full access to the best available prices and supplemental services – the NDC Smart Offer.  With this, our clients save on distribution costs, and at the same time, they’re able to package offers that are tailored to each individual traveler. Together with InteRES, we’ve implemented this project quickly and effectively, and we’re taking our first customers live in January 2019.”

Anke Hsu, Customer Experience Officer at InteRES adds: “TraSo is now able to pass on all the advantages of NDC directly to their customers. Tour operators and travel agents can target travellers with customised content and products. This raises customer satisfaction and generates greater sales.”

Several more airline Direct Connects are currently being integrated into the Mercado Server interface. InteRES customers will benefit from directly from these new links, leaving them very well-positioned for an increasingly NDC-oriented world.


Photo: Haiko Gerdes, CEO of TraSo GmbH and  Anke Hsu, Customer Experience Officer with InteRES at the Travel Expo in Cologne, Germany in September 2018.




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