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Solutions for travel agencies

One-stop shopping.
NDC APIs. Direct connects. GDS.

Our multi-source B2B booking tools help you sell flights efficiently in a rapidly-changing distribution landscape. Connect directly to airlines to get the best fares and smartest offers.

In one clean graphical display, our Mercado Agent enables you to source and book flights from NDC APIs, direct connects and GDS. Optimising mark-up and margins is easy with our Mercado Mark-up & Rules Engine.

E.g. CANUSA and DERPART trust our booking solutions.

Mercado Agent

This is desktop multi-source integration at its best. All available fares from NDC APIs, direct connects or GDS sources are integrated seamlessly into our Mercado Agent display, available in multiple languages.

Fare families and ancillaries are presented clearly for a quick and targeted travel consultation.   Filter options help agents to find the best flights. Booking data is transmitted instantly. The PNR created in Mercado Agent allows additional remarks for efficient ticketing.

Mark-Up & Rules Engine

Low-cost carriers and the introduction of the IATA NDC and ONE Order programs are all putting intense pressure on margins. Our powerful Mercado Mark-up & Rules Engine works with the Mercado Agent to maximise revenues in a highly granular way.

You define the calculation patterns that are applied automatically during the sales process. White-label airlines, limit search results for your agents to favour or exclude certain carriers or alliances, and much, much more. Get the maximum profit out of every ticket you sell.

Mercado Server

If you are building your own B2C website or B2B tools, our Mercado Server provides you with all the best airfares via a single API. This transaction platform accesses GDS, NDC API and direct connects. Harmonising all content sources reduces the complexity for you.

Clients can address all systems with the same requests. Your own adaptation and maintenance costs can be minimised. And you sell exactly the same content online that your agents see in Mercado Agent.

Book a live demo today.

See Mercado Agent for yourself – in just a few minutes! At your own office or online. In one display, you’ll search for and book flights from NDC APIs, direct connects or GDS – all via a single API.  Then explore how the Mercado Mark-Up & Rules Engine lets you earn more on every ticket.

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